Always remember use black magic spells only for your protection and not to harm any one. Some times a combination of white magic and black magic can give you more powerful and better results then any other white or black spell.

If you feel that you are having too much badluck in your life, if you feel that you are becoming weak and having health problems, if you business and work is suffering and always you are experiencing badluck where ever you go then you may try this protection spell that will help you in day to day needs.

Take Peacock feathers about 20-30 feathers, then you may take owls blood and pour it on the feathers. After this is done on each feather you may write your name and frame or hang the feathers on the wall. Then every day 200 hundred times chant the words YAA RAHIMO and give food to poor children. You will always be safe and protected.

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