If your feel that you are attacked or troubled by a Demon, or someone has done some time of witchcraft on you etc then casting of this banish spell will banish and destroy any type of demon, evil or black magic etc.

Take a parchment paper. On the paper on the 4 corners write TAMAM ZER HO. Once this is done then take a red candle, and put it in the center of the parchment paper. In the night at about 11.30 you may start the casting of the spell.

You may burn the Candle and say KAALAA JAADU ZER ZER, 1000 times and after chanting 1000 times, you may blow the candle and go to sleep. You may continue the same thing the next night and continue the same thing the next day also for 20 days. If there is any black magic or witchcraft or demon around you, it will be gone or destroyed.

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