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Do you have lots of enemies who have ruined your happiness and your life???
And now you want only revenge then here is the spell which is simple and easy and casting the spell will surely punish your enemies.

Take 2 Eggs, One egg you have to open it by making a small hole on top and then use the shell for the spell casting.

First Egg that is full, first you may tell some one who is close to you like you mother or father then he or she will have to take the egg in his right hand and with the full egg he should make a big round circle on you touching your head then toe and then again your head 7 times, meaning he should make 7 rounds with the full egg on you and while making each round he should say this chant _______(YOUR NAME) NAZAR SE BACHE. Once seven rounds of egg is done , then you may color the egg full black so that the egg becomes black in color. Then you make take the egg and you may find a place where there are four roads, and there you may leave the egg and come back.

Then the second shell that you will have with you, you may write on it with red ink, that all your enemies must be destroyed and punished and keep the egg in your room for 20 days. After 20 days you may take the shell and leave it in any cemetery. All your enemies will be destroyed and you will get your revenge from them.

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