Free Black Magic Spell to get your lover or husband who is staying with some other women or your enemy.
With this spell the women who is with your lover will also be punished and affected for doing this to you.

Take a 2 black Voodoo dolls. Dip one voodoo doll in goat blood and write the name of that women who is staying with your love. Then chant these words ANANA TU WAAPIS and burry the doll in a cemetery, by which that women will be destroyed and will loose her power on your love. Then take the other doll, and with witch ink write your name and his name on the doll and keep the doll under your bed. Then every night before sleeping atleast for 5 minutes take the name of your love and keep in your mind that he should come back to you. Soon you will see that he will leave that women and will be back in your life.

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