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Black Magic Spell for Revenge.
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Spell Casting of black magic spells can be done for revenge against enemies, get back your lost love or lover, to get money and more,
If you use black magic spell to help you then yes it will do wonders but never use it for evil purposes.

Any spell casting where blood is involved is said to be a black magic spell.

You may try this Black Magic Spell to get back your love, or your love who is with some one else.
You need to use any belongings of the person you love like, hair, clothes any thing but it has to be his.

You may take the belonging, in a small bowl. Then cut your hair (few strands) and put it In the container. Then you will need white owls blood and before putting the blood in the container say these words 100 times, ZAKA DAAOON ZAADA ________(your name). Then pour the blood and keep it for one day. The next day you may again say ZAKA DAAOON ZAADA ________(the name of the person you love) and then pour rose water in it. Then wait for 5 days and then burn every thing that is there in the container into ashes. Collect the ash and throw it in the cemetery. You will see that the person you love will be back in your life

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