Success and money are very important aspects of life. If you have success and money then every one will like you and will love you and also will respect you. But the moment you will see and notice that you are having failure and no money in life, every one will leave you, even your friends whom you trusted a lot will be away from your life, so its important that you have success and happiness. And again if all your attempts in becoming successful has failed then you may go for this Black Magic Success Spell by which you will achieve all in your life.

Take a parchment paper, on the paper take kaamyabi Ink and write on it KAMIYABI HO 5 times. Then with help of gold blood write your name on the paper on the 4 corners of the paper. Then once this is done you may hang or frame the paper in your bed room .

Once this is done then recite this chant AL BASIT 360 times every day and you will see that your life will change and success and happiness will be in your life

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