I am discussing over here a very important topic and that is the power of our Brain. As it has been proved scientifically that average human being uses only 2-3 percent of his brain throughout his entire life. Let me tell you that our Brain is the most powerful organ of our body and also it has many hidden secrets that have yet to be exploited. Now hidden secrets is nothing but the power that our brain has and if you can manage to conquer this power that is possible by making use of full 100 percent of your brain then you will be a more stronger, powerful and superior person with a completely changed personality.

Like we have seen in the past people doing miracles like doing inventions, discoveries, making impossible thing possible etc, all this is possible by using more than 3 percent of the brain power. Every person has hidden powers that he also is not aware of. But if you can learn to make proper use of your brain then you will also be able to see your hidden secret that is there within you and all this is possible only with the power of meditation. If you can meditate and concentrate on your brain and try to explore the power of your brain then the knowledge and power that you will receive from your brain that will change your life.

There were people in the past who could see the future, there were people who could see through the wall, there were people who could read others mind, now how is all the possible. The answer lies in exploring the Brain Power. All these people were able to explore or use more than 10 percent of their brain and that's what made them superior and famous.

There are many such examples, I do remember one example of the powerful of brain or mind that I will share with you. There was this guy PASHA who was a racer and used to taking part in car racing etc. One fine day while racing he met with a terrible accident and he damaged his spinal cord because of which for life time he was paralyzed and had to be on the bed for life time. His life was miserable, initially all his friends or relatives used to visit him but after few months they also stopped coming and he was left alone. I happen to meet him and explained to him that god almighty has given our brain amazing powers by which miracles have happened. Later he started learning different ways of meditation trying to communicate with his Brain Power and exploring the same. Then he started meditating and started commanding his brain to heal him. Every day for hours he used to meditate and used to give suggestions to his brain to heal him, to fix his spinal cord because of which he was paralyzed.

Our Brain has got direct link with the universe and what he did was start commanding his brain to heal him, slowly miracle happened and he could feel movement in his spine and slowly in few months he could not only stand but also run and drive again.

Here all the reports and what the doctors said all failed and he proved that with the power of the mind he had healed his sickness and was able to live a happy life again.

So this is an example what you can do if you can conquer your Brain. That's why every person should at least for 30 minutes meditate and try to explore his brain power.

You never know what power is there waiting for you to be explored.

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