This is another powerful spell to get a good job, have a good career and be successful in life. To cast this spell it is important that you may live like a vegetarian for 40 days. Once you have made up your mind that you can live for 40 days like a vegetarian then you may start this spell.

You need 40 Incense sticks, as Incense is used to bring positive energy in the house so that your subconscious mind will also be positive and you will be able to think positive and good which will be helpful for you in making important decisions in life.

You will have to light one Incense stick every day and give the smoke to your full house. Once this is done then you will have to take 2 rose flowers and remove the petals separately. Then every day in the morning you may take the petals and say these words TUM KAAM YAAA MUJHE MILE, 200 times. Once this is done then take the petals and keep it in a box with you. Like this you may continue this procedure every day for 40 days.. After 40 days you may take the container that is filled with rose petals and burry it outside your house and while burring the petals keep in your mind the reason why you are doing these things. You will have good progress in life, your work will also be very good and you will be very successful and happy.

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