Charms can be of metal, wood, some times magical words on it that is won on the neck to bring good luck success, happiness. Some times they are also used as an object for protection against black magic, witchcraft, evil hex and curse and have powers to destroy any type of bad luck or evil that is there on the wearer who is using the charm.

Many times Spell Casters cast spells and then they prepare a special charm and give to the person who is suffering and then Charms work as Magic Charms to bring good luck, love and money in our lives.

Again any charm can not be considered as magical object. But they are prepared by proper spiritualist who infuse positive energies and magic on the charms so that then the charms become activated and charged and then behave as magic charms. So you just cant take any charm and wear it as a magical charm, as a charm without any ceremonies or rituals is just an ordinary metal or piece of wood.

There are many who do have faith in Charms, but they are not keep or comfortable wearing it around the neck. So In that case you can keep them in your pocket or purse and it will still give you similar result.

One more thing I will say and that is charms are not connected or related to any religion and people from any caste can use the charms as they are spiritually prepared.

Magic Charma and Amulets.
If you have an Ankh charm with you then that is the best form of protection in charms. The Ankh Charm if worn around the neck will always help you and protect you from any unknown dangers and problems. Also any type pf black magic or negative energies that has become strong and chronic around you will be completely destroyed with the help of the Ankh Charm.
Also if you will hang this Ankh Chrams in the house, then it will will all the negative energies from your house and will protect your house also

Chants for Bad Dreams
Are you scared of bad dreams, are you worried of sleeping in the nights, are you seeing bad dreams every night and you are sacred that it may come true Many people suffer from bad dreams and they don't know what to do and also how to get rid of it But now this problem can be solved by performing this spell. Before sleeping you will have to say these words
YAA KHALILUN 360 times.
You may say these words and go to sleep without any worries, as you will never be disturbed by any bad dreams and will be able to sleep in peace without any worries.

There are more such charms like good luck charms, love charms, money charms and more.

If you have any questions in mind or need any information on charms or spells. Email me all your questions. I will Cast spells and prepare charms as per your wish and neeD. Also visit Amulets & Charms.