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One very important thing of Genie or Jinns are that they are Muslim and also they eat, pray, drink, they also have their own families and they live their life in the same way as we live in this world. Also as they are made of fire so we can not see them, but with the help of invocation yes we can contact them and communicate with them.

They have a life of more then 100 years and so if you have the genie in your control then they will serve you and will take care of you and your family for 7 generations.

Also one more thing, genie in lamp etc is fairy tale and does not exist, but yes if you want the real genie in your control then it is possible with the help of the genie invocations.

Genies have the power of entering in your veins and also entering your body, so always be away from an evil genie or demon as it can destroy you.

The different types of genies are SHAITAN, GHOUL, MARID, IFRIT and ANGELS

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