This spell is very powerful and has given good results to many who have tried it.

Take 4 candles of different colors. Red, Blue, Green and White.
On the red candle with the help of saffron ink write your lovers name, on blue candle write your name, on green candle write these words AMON TUNOM MONOOR JAA. And the white candle you have to catch in your right hand.

Then Place Red and Greed Candle in front of you and green Candle behind you. Then burn the white candle that is in your right hand. After you have burnt the white candle then you may burn the other candles also. You may stand in between the three candles and while the candles are burning keep in your mind and meditate that your love is coming to you. Once the candles are burnt , then you may collect all the wax and dispose it in sea or river.
You will see that your love will come back to you.

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