Need real and easy love spell to get your love back or attract your love then you may try this love spell. Also you may try this spell even to attract and get back your lost love.

First you may take a male cats take hair . Then on the hair that you have collected you may put few drops of rose water and kaballic blood drops. After this is done take a mango leaf and on the leaf write the name of the person you love in red ink. Once you have written the name keep the leaf for one full day under your pillow. After that take the white cloth and inside the cloth put your picture, put the person you want or wish his or her picture, put the leaf, and also the hair , its like put every thing inside the white cloth. Then once you have added every think, then tie a very strong knot it and chant these words every day on the knot: JISKO MEIN CHAHOON MUJHE VO MILE. You may chant every day 200 times and on the 40 day you may burry it outside the house of the person you love. Then you may contact the person as soon as he or she will hear your voice he or she will come running listening to your voice.

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