Magic Amulets and Talismans for different purposes.

Protection from poisonous deadly diseases, snake bites.
If any one has done poison on you then this Talisman will destroy all the poison affects on you.
If you are in a place or a jungle where there are deadly and poisonous insects like snakes, Scorpios and other deadly insects then you may say these words YAA MURABI three times and take any leaf of a tree and write on the leaf YAA MURABI and keep it with you, the leaf will work like a talisman or powerful amulet and will always protect you

House Protection
Do you feel that your house is not safe and is not blessed? Do you feel uncomfortable in your house Do you feel that your house is haunted by some negative energy or evil spirits? Are you worried that robbers can come into your house and trouble you and rob all your precious belongings? Are you troubled by your neighbors and want to drive them away? Then this power Talisman will do wonders for you and will help you achieve your goals Now you will have to perform this spell at early hours say about 4 o'clock in the morning As it is said that at early hours there are good spirits or angels in the house and by this spell that you will perform you will activate them and they will do wonders for you like protecting your house and always guiding your house like a secret angel You will have to say these words
AL MOMINO 250 times,every day These magic words when said every day will activate the angels and good spirits in your house and then you may not worry about your house, as it will always be protected.
Also if you can take TEAK WOOD and write AL MOMINO on it and frame it in your house, then It will work as a protection Charm and will protect your full house

Job Talisman is very important for every one as many are struggling for a better job, you must have tried so many times and when ever you may think you will get good job others succeed again your are lost You may also feel that why you are only suffering, some times it is possible that we accept negative energies from others and that's why others succeed and your turn to get a good job never come But there is nothing to be worried once your stars are strong and by performing proper job spells this problem can be solved very easily Every day you will pray YAA HAIYOO YAA KAIYOOM
as much as you can whenever you are free and have time And when you are called for an interview while traveling also you may read these prayers by the grace of god you will achieve your goals.
And if you can write the same on a parchment paper and wear it as an amulet it will give you more strong and powerful results.

If you have any questions in mind or need to cast any special spell. Email me your name, birth date. I will Cast spells as per your wish and need.