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Magick Spells for Love, Money and Protection.

This a very strong and powerful Magick Spell. This magick spell is powerful as it covers four different spells in one spell.

This one magick spell will work for Love, Money, Black Magic Protection and Good Luck. This is the reason this spell can also be called as All Purpose Magick Spell and spell casting this spell is very easy and any one can do it.  Proper Spell Casting of this magick spell is sure to give you positive results.

You will need 4 different types of candles. White, Black, Yellow or Golden and Green Candle.

What we will do here is do spell casting with the help of Candle Magick.

Now it is important for us to know which candle is for what purpose so that spell casting becomes easier.

WHITE CANDLE:  it is used to destroy any type of negative energies. If you feel that things are not going good in your life, and always you come across any type of negativity etc then you will always use a white candle.

BLACK CANDLE: With the colour black you will know what we are talking about. This candle is used for protection.

YELLOW or GOLD CANDLE: This colour candles are used to bring money and prosperity.

GREEN CANDLE: This colour candle is used for good luck, abundance and success.

This is a very simple spell and you can cast the spell before sun rise only. As before sun rise is the time when your energies are very strong and powerful and there is very strong possibility that the universe will accept your energy and the spell will manifest.

Now herbs also play an important role in spell casting. For this spell you will need clove,. Hazel nut and basil leaves. What you have to do is take a small pouch and place all the herbs in it and then take a small box and put the herbs in it.

Now you are ready for spell casting.

Take a table and place all the 4 candles on it in a clock wise manner start with white candle, then black candle, then yellow candle and in the end the green candle. Like this you may make a circle with these candles. In the centre place the small box which has herbs In it.

Light the candles, and imagine that a powerful  ray of light is coming from the universe and it is connected with the candles and the light is visible to you and now increase your concentration

Chant these words with full concentration YAA MALICK MOELLA MOELLA SARKAR HO. Chant these words 100 times. After this take the box of herbs that you have used in the spell and place it in your room. You will be protected, safe, and full of success the whole day. Lots of good luck and prosperity will come in your life.

Cast the spell as many times as you want. It will always help you.

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