money spells with candles
Money Spells with Candles to bring lots of money. Powerful Candle Money Spells to attract wealth and prosperity

Money Spells With Candles.

Spell Casting of Money Spells with the help of Candles will always give you positive and powerful results. Candles carry very strong and positive energies and if spell casting with the help of candles is done in a proper way then the results are sure to come.

Using of proper coloured candles for spellcasting is a very important factor as colours represent a meaning and different colours carry different energies For Spell Casting of Money Spells you will always use a Green coloured Candle as green colour represents money.

So if you are stressed out and unhappy because of financial problems and you are always having some problem or the other related to money then you can go for this strong and powerful Money spells with candles or this spell is also called a Candle Money Spells.

As we all know that earth has a very strong magnetic field, and so with the help of proper money spell casting techniques we can send our energies to the universe and by attracting the right energy from the universe we can manifest the spell and change our financially conditions and live a happy, rich and successful life.

Before spellcasting donít forget to take a spiritual bath with rose water so that your energy will be very strong and powerful. Also remember cast any spell only if you feel that you have the confidence and the positive energy within. And if you are negative and not confident then donít even think of spell casting and let a professional do this work for you. You can contact me and I will cast the spell for you.

Now one the spiritual bath is done now you are ready for spellcasting.

You will need to choose a place in your house where you will do the spell casting, First clean that place and see that the place is clean and no other person except you should go there. So keep the place clean and your surroundings are very important so that the energy over there will be very strong and powerful

you will need a portable Altar that you will place at the place where you will start your spell casting.

Take a green cloth and cover the Altar with the cloth and place. On the 4 corners of the altar you will place things that will represent 4 elements that is Air, Water, Fire and Earth. Like one corner of the Alter you will place a small bowl of water that will represent Water, on the other corner put a small bowl of charcoal that will represent fire, on the other corner you will put a small bowl of soil that will represent earth and the last remaining corner light an incense that will represent Air.

Now in the middle make a circle of saffron ink. Take a green Candle and write your name and your motherís name on the candle. Take a piece of paper and with saffron ink write on the paper these words MONEY JAAP MOH MOH ANANAT SAMAY NISHT. Then take a green tread and tie this paper to the candle. Now with lots of positive energies you will light the candle. At this time the more powerful is your concentration. Remember the more you focus and concentrate while lighting the candle, the stronger are your chances to get the benefits from the spell.

You will concentrate and wait till the candle is burning and release lots of positive energies into the universe. You will have to wait till the full candle is burnt. Once all this is done then you will take a small pouch and keep the remaining wax in it. Take the pouch and keep it in your room for 40 days. You will see that financially you will start becoming stronger and stronger and slowly all your financial problems will be over.

And if you feel that you are negative or donít have the energy then let me know. I will cast the spell for you.

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