Native Healing Spells.

Every country has their own method and technique of healing people with help of their own magic spell casting techniques. As we are in India I am discussing here Indian Native Healing Spells. Nowadays all the healing techniques or practices that a spiritualist performs all are originated from native Indian tribes. And every tribe had their own healers, spiritualist etc. The healer would give his knowledge and teachings to his son, and later the son would pass on his knowledge to his son; in this way the method and techniques of healings are still alive and practiced; as the native healer or the spiritualist has got all his knowledge from his forefathers and this is the reason the Native healing tradition is still alive and practised all over the world.

Earlier during ancient times; healing was done with the help of magic spells that was practiced everywhere but now as the time is changing many traditional healers along with the power of spells prefer healing with the help of Ayurveda which is the art of getting healed with the help of powerful Indian herbs. Indian herbs do have lots of medicinal qualities which help in healing in a faster and quicker way.

Many spiritual healers perform healing spells with a combination of different Indian herbs and if the spell casting is done in a correct way then we can achieve miracles.

Along with native healing spells we also have something called the Modern Medicines or the Allopathic medicines. Modern medicines treatment includes surgery or medications that do give us fast results but they may also have many side effects. But this is my advice for you that if you are undergoing treatment by allopathic medicines and also you are using native healing spells; then never stop the treatment of the modern medicines as healing spells will never come in the way of allopathic medicines that’s why it is important to get protection in any way and every way you can. .

Native Healing Spells Tools:

Many Indian healers take the help of animal spirits to heal a person. Many times peacock feather or black cat’s fur is used while spell casting.

There are few Indian spell casters or healers who prefer spell casting in a sweat lodge . This loge is purified with the help of positive energies and is made up of natural things like coconut tree leaves, cow dung that forms the wall and it is covered with blankets. This place is supposed to have lots of positive energies and when spell casting was performed in such places; the results are always accurate and positive.

After spell casting is performed the healer will prepare a charm or a talisman that will have certain things crafted on it. This makes the talisman powerful and magical and the wearer of this talisman will always be healed and protected.

If you may have any questions on traditional healing spells or you wish to know how native healing spells work,
email me or message Dr Saulat Khan so that he guide you and advise you in the best way he can.

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