Psychic Reading.

A psychic reading can be described as getting information and hidden facts about any object, event or the person on whom the reading is done with the help and knowledge of his hidden extra sensory powers.
A psychic reader with the help of his psychic powers and abilities can guide you, advise you and also give solutions to your problems that you are facing.

Now how do we become a psychic reader? As we are aware about our sensory organs like eyes, ears, nose, tongue and instinct and we all are gifted with such qualities. But when we can master these abilities to a higher level then only we are able to communicate with the outside world.

Now how do we get such powers or such abilities? There are few people who are gifted with such natural abilities and qualities and there are people who have worked had to activate their sensory powers with the help of using their mind power and meditation.

This is the reason many psychic readers do charge money which is wise enough as  to help people by giving a psychic reading the psychic uses his energies and many times in extreme conditions they do  get affected with the negative energies or evil spirits with whom they come across while giving a reading.

Psychic Readings are of different types.

a) Clairvoyance which means Vision. A person with the powers of clairvoyance is called a Clairvoyant.
Clairvoyant with the power of his vison can see or can get all the information of a person, or any object or if any thing has happened anywhere or some incident is going to happen then with the help of their vision, they will be able to guide you and also many times they will also warn you and protect you.

b) Clairsentience which means the ability to feel. And a person with the powers of Clairsentience is called a clairsentient. A person with such gift can feel the person’s energy and can predict his present and future; and his prediction if the person is happy or sad all this comes naturally to the clairsentient as he does not need to use his sensory organs for the prediction. Also people with such an ability can tell you if any place or surroundings is good or is effected with evil, like if there is any negative energies in that place or even positive energy the psychic will tell us and guide us. So a proper clairsentient will have the power to retrieve information of any place where he goes and this is something amazing.

While we are discussing about Clairsentience we also need to know the meaning of Empath as we should not mix up Empath with Clairsentient.

Empath is someone who can also feel the energies of peoples and objects the same way as the Clairsentient; but the only difference is that for empath to feel the energies they need to be near the person or the object but for Clairsentient they don’t have to be near peoples or objects they can feel the energies and give predictions from their own house.

Clairsentients also have the ability to feel the pain and sufferings of the other persons and many times they allow their energies to come into their own body so that they can understand the problem and then help them and guide them and give a proper solution also.

That’s why Clairsentients are more superior then Empaths.

c) Claircognisance
This is another form of a psychic reading that works on your intuitive power. Here you may give instant predictions with the help of your subconscious mind power.
I have come across many people who do have such powers but if you can work on it with the help of meditation then you can become a master in this field.

People who are gifted with Clairaudience is called a Clairaudient.
Here the Clairaudient can give you a reading by contacting the spirits of the other world. They will ask them all the questions and solutions from the spirits and will guide and advise you in a better way.

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