This is another simple and powerful free spell that you can use to reunite your love who is with some one else, with the power of this spell the person you love will start thinking of you and will come back to you.

Take 40 rose petals, dip them in rose water. Then take a bowl and put the petals in the bowl. Once this is done then take a white Candle, burn the candle and while the candle is burning take the name of the person you love 100 times. Then blow the candle and again burn the candle the next day and again say his name 100 times, also remember while you are burning the candle it is important that you may correct the wax and put it in the bowl. On the 20th day take the bowl which has rose petals , candle wax etc and burry it in a cemetery. On the 40th day you will see the results.

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