Voodoo was originated in Africa and it is worshipped as a Religion. People who worship and practise Voodoo are called Vodouists.

Voodoo has many names given by people of different countries. They are called as Vodou, Voudu, Vaudou, Vodoun, Vodu or Vaudoux.

Vodouists believe in supreme and powerful God called Bondye but Bondye which is supreme god is not able to be in communication of the Vodouists and as they are out of reach thatís why Vodouists worship the powerful and strong spirits called Loa which are said the be the servants of Bondye.

And the voodoo practitioners have to depend and rely on different types of Lola Spirits who communicate with god Bondye and solve all the problems.

The vodouists believes in 2 different types of world. One is the real world in which we stay and the other world is the hidden worlds. They believe that when a person dies he leaves this world and goes to this other world where all the spirits are alive, thatís why these two worlds are interconnected. And the vodouits worship and pray to these ancestorsí spirits, spirits of the near and dear ones and Loa. All these powerful spirits together becomes one big power and works for us to manifest the spell.

These Spirits Called Loa are of a number of different types for example Spirits of Agriculture is called KOUZIN ZAKA. And if you are having problems related to agriculture then you will pray do ceremonies and give offerings to the spirit called KOUZIN ZAKA. Similarly if you are having problems to love then you will pray and give your offerings to spirits ERZULIE FREDA and so on.

While Spell Casting the Voodooists will do his ceremonies and rituals and will communicate with the spirit and will ask for help, protection and advice. But in return he will have to make the spirits happy and satisfy them thatís why the voodooists will have to do some sort of animal sacrifice and then they thank the spirits for helping them and guiding them.

Many times while spell casting the voodooists is possessed by the loa. The spirit uses the body of the voodooists as a medium and speaks and gives advises about what has to be done and what not and what precautions has to be taken. And Many times Loa prefers to choose the body of any one from the followers and through possession gives instructions and solves problems.

To maintain a continuous communication with LOA the voodooists will keep various idols on their altars, they will chant and sing; there will be special type of dance etc.

This is the reason Voodoo Spell casting is not easy. If you are not sure then donít cast the spell. Instead let a professional spell caster do the spell casting on your behalf.

So if you are interested let me know all your problems or questions and while replying send me your full name and birth date details so that I will check and guide you as what I will be preparing for you.

1) This is a strong and powerful VOODOO SPELL that will help you in knowing the truth that you wish to know

This is a very simple spell and have given effective results to all those who have tried it.

You will need 4 sandal Incense Sticks. Place it on an incense holder. Light the incense sticks and concentrate in your mind that you are spell casting as you wish to know the truth (it can be anything you want to know). While you are lighting the incense sticks chant these words 100 times.


After the lighting of the incense stick is completed you will have to collect the ash of the incense sticks. Collect the Ash in a white cloth ; tie a knot on the cloth so that the ash cannot fall and dispose it in any sea or river and keep in your mind the reason why you are spell casting.

Soon you will come to know the truth and everything that you want to know will be in front of you.

If you may have any other questions or if you need information on any other Voodoo Spell then you can always email me.

2) Voodoo Spells can give very good results with the help of Voodoo dolls.

If Voodoo dolls are used while casting voodoo spells, then the results are very powerful and effective.

Voodoo love Spell: You may make a Voodoo doll of the person you love, then you may write his full name of the doll on the front side and on the back side you may write his mothers name. Then take a bowl of black Ink and put 10 drops of goat blood in the bowl.
After this is done chant these words Your Name ________ KO his name ______ MILE 200 times.
Then take 40 pins and every day take one pin and dip it in the bowl of ink and blood and put the pin in the heart of the doll. You may repeat this for full 40 days and your love will be back to you

Voodoo Spell for Money
The process will be similar to the first one
You may make a Voodoo doll of yourself. Then on the front side of the doll you may write your name and on the back of the doll you will write your mothers name. Then take a Bowl of black ink and add 25 drops of goat blood. Then chant these words Your name ____________ KAAMYAAB HO. 360 times
Then after that keep the voodoo doll in your room where you sleep. You may repeat this for full 40 days and you will see progress in your finance and work.

Voodoo Spell for Revenge
Again you will have to make a Voodoo doll of your enemy. On the front side write the name of the enemy and on the back side if you know the name of his mother , then write her name
Now take a bowl of black ink, and add 30 to 40 drops of goat blood, and if you can 40 drops of owls blood. Then take the name of your enemy __________ ZER HO. 360 times and then take. Then you may take a aneedle or pin dip it in the bowl that has blood and ink, and put the pin in the head of the doll. You may repeat this for 40 days and your enemy will be punished and destroyed

If you have any questions in mind or need to cast any special spell. Email me your name, birth date. I will Cast spells as per your wish and need