Spell Casting of spells for various purposes should be done by a proper spell caster. But here are some simple chants that can help you and change your life.

Spell for Forgiveness: If you feel that you have done any mistake, it can be any type of mistake. Then you may chant AR RAHIM 360 times every day. By doing this your subconscious mind will become clean and positive and the guilt that will be there in your mind will be gone forever.

Also if you have done a mistake and you are praying to god to forgive you and still you are guilty and you feel that God has still not forgiven you, then you may say this chant AL GHAFUR every day 200 times. By this chant God will forgive you and will keep you mind calm and peaceful.

Spell to Control Anger: If you feel that you have a very bad anger, and your anger is creating a big problem in your life. Then you may chant these words AL KARIM every day 360 times. You will be calm and peaceful and you will see that all your anger has disappeared.

Spell to be Successful and Happy: If you feel that your work is not doing good, or you are not getting promotion, or even if you are not getting a good Job, then you may chant these words AS SAMAD 360 times every day. God will bless you with a good and powerful job and also you will have financial gains.

I will be adding more spells soon.

If you have any questions in mind or need to cast any special spell. Email me your name, birth date. I will Cast spells as per your wish and need