Now it is possible to summon djinn or genies, angels and spirits with the help of summoning spells.

Again god has given humans to conquer any type of powers like angels, demons etc

But it is advisable to go for good angels or genies only and avoid summoning or invocations of demons or bad spirits as that can be fatal and harm you also.

Now there are 2 ways or methods in doing the invocations of these powers. Always go for the white magic invocations only as they are safe and the genie or angel that you will conquer will be a good one that will always help you and will do all your work and also will make you rich and powerful.

Also if you will go for the black magic way of summoning the genie or angel, or even if you will go for summoning demon, then as I have said before that this can be fatal and can destroy your life also.

As the genie or the demon that you will conquer will be an evil genie , that will make you his slave and will also make you work day and night and also may take sacrifices from you, so always avoid black magic spells.

One more thing, always the invocations is a 40 day work, and there is no invocation that is less then 40 days, there are many who claim one day genie or 7 days genie etc, but again that is not true, as if one day genie was possible then no person would ever work, all would have got one genie and would have enjoyed their life. That's why if you want this great power then you will have to do the full 40 day invocation so that after 40 days this great power will be in your control and will do every thing for you.

If you have any questions in mind or need to cast any special spell. Email me your name, birth date. I will Cast spells as per your wish and need