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Summoning Female Genie.
You will have to do this invocation near a well. For this invocation you will need head of a black chicken. BLISS Beans, sweets.

First you have to take the head of the Black Chicken. On the head say these words 200 times YE AMAL LAAYE GUHL BAASH. Then in the same night say about 11, you will have to throw the head of the black chicken in the well. Then you will have to make small sweet balls. And on each ball say these words AATE NOMANDE GUHL POSH HO, and throw the sweet in the well. You will have to say these words 360 times every night , that means you will have to make 360 small sweet balls and on each ball after saying the words dispose the sweet in the well. After 40 days the genie will arise from the well.

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