First you will have to cast this spell on a Friday. You may take your bath in the evening after 7, the main purpose of taking a bath is that you must be very clean and holy, you may do your nor mal prayers and then get ready for the spell First you may choose a place in your house where you will perform the spell, once you have chosen the place then you may take a chalk or color and make a round circle, the circle should be big enough for you to sit, as you will have to sit inside the circle, once this is done then you may take six candles and place them on the circle in such a way that the six candles are completely surrounding you After this is done, then you are ready to perform the spell You may burn the six candles and may close your eyes with deep concentration, while your eyes are closed you will have to do deep concentration and may think of the person that you love and who is in your mind after you have focused with deep concentration on the person you love then you may say these words
AL KHALIKO 100 times,
You may do this about 100 times for 40 days, once this is done you will get some news from your loved ones, it is also possible that you may see the results very soon, but don't stop this work, complete the 40 days so that in future you may never have such a problem again.

Also you may take special Incense sticks and every evening after 7 you may burn 1 Incense and while burning the Incense you may keep in your mind the reason why you are burning the Incense.

If you have any questions in mind or need to cast any special spell. Email me your name, birth date. I will Cast spells as per your wish and need.